About Minimal Reader

Minimal Reader (MnmlRdr) is an RSS feed reader that is fast, lightweight, and beautifully simple.

Our primary goal is to minimize distraction and make content easy for you to read. By removing distracting elements from the reader, we help you focus on what matters most–the content.

But, we didn’t stop there…our app has everything you need in your feed reader neatly tucked away.

And, because the service is funded through paid subscriptions, you don’t have to worry about it shutting down spontaneously, like Google Reader.


Minimal Reader is built and run by Widefido, a small software company based in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Jordan Sherer
App.net @jsherer
Cell Phone +1-415-404-9433

The Backstory

After the announcement of the Google Reader shutdown, we started looking for feed reader replacements. We tried many different web and native feed readers and were unsatisfied with the results. The readers were bloated with features, required us to install browser extensions, and did not work on our mobile devices.

We set out to solve this problem by building a feed reader that was simple and elegant. Our approach was to start with a minimal set of features, remove clutter and distraction, create a fantastic reading experience, and grow with our users.

Our mantra is simple:

Being minimal is not about having the fewest number of features...it’s about focusing on the right ones.

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